Considerations When Choosing A Rotary Laser For The Construction Site

When planning new buildings, or landscaping projects, accuracy is vital to eliminate delays and unnecessary costs in time, materials and labour.

Advances in technology over the past twenty years have seen rotating laser levels become a standard tool on the construction site when surveying or preparing groundworks for future building or landscaping projects.

Whether looking for your first rotating laser level or upgrading an existing model, we believe there are four key areas to research when choosing the right rotating laser level for your onsite projects.

Focus on Accuracy
The most important consideration when choosing a rotary laser level is accuracy. Within the industry, a rotary laser level accuracy is measured as a plus or minus mm reading over a 30-metre distance. To set expectations a top-end rotary laser level will have an accuracy of -/+ 1.5mm while budget rotary lasers will have an accuracy of up to -/+ 3mm
Our entry-level rotary laser levels read at an accuracy of -/+ 2mm at 30m while our flagship Imex i88G delivers an accuracy of -/+ 1.5mm.

Range Versatility
Rotary laser levels can be a big investment so ensuring you choose one that is accurate across a variety of projects could be a key factor in your decision.
Remember, increasing the range you wish to measure beyond 30m can impact the accuracy. If you will be measuring levels at points far away from each other on large projects, then not only will you need a unit with long-range capabilities but also a constant high level of accuracy regardless of distance.
The advance in our laser technology means an Imex rotary laser level is one of the best on the market when used at ranges up to 600m.
Even our entry-level Imex E60 has fantastic accuracy of around -/+ 3 to 4 mm over 200m as demonstrated by Proper DIY in their YouTube review.

The hustle and bustle of a construction site will inevitably lead to accidental knocks for a rotary laser level.
A well-built unit with a tough protective casing combined with a strong IP rating to deter the elements is essential to protect the delicate internal components that make the rotary laser level so accurate and valuable.

Our range of Imex rotary lasers are all IP66 rated meaning they are the highest dust ingress protection and can withstand water projected by powerful jets. The only thing that it won’t survive is being submerged in water up to 1m deep – a situation you’re unlikely to find yourself in!

Automatic Self-Levelling
With today’s advances in technology, we wouldn’t recommend buying a rotary laser without self-levelling technology. Not only does this save valuable time during set up but should the rotary laser level get knocked it will self-level to ensure continued accurate measurements.
As standard, the Imex range of rotary levels is all self-levelling within a range of five degrees.
Outside of the above four considerations, additional optional features to be researched would include the following:

Laser Receiver
As the majority of surveying or site ground preparation projects will take place outside then you will require a laser receiver and staff to be able to detect the rotating 360 laser in daylight.
Whether part of a set or purchasing separately we would recommend selecting a laser receiver that can take a 0.5mm reading within a 60-90mm window for easy location of the laser providing quicker readings.
A good optional extra to look out for in a laser receiver is one which displays readings on the back and front of the unit for ease of use, like the double-sided Imex LRX10.

Rotational Speed and Angles
If you plan to use your rotary laser indoors you will want to look for a unit that offers variable rotational speeds and angles. High rotational speeds allow the laser receiver to easily detect the laser on external projects. Slow rotational speeds make the laser more visible which is vitally important for indoor use and accuracy.

Battery Power
Choosing a rotary laser can be a big investment so you don’t want to be let down by battery performance or the additional cost of regularly purchasing replacements. For high-end rotary lasers, lithium rechargeable batteries with good single usage time and quick recharging time are becoming the norm. For a bonus look out for units that also include quick USB charging and car charges to re-energise your rotary laser level and keep it in action.

In Summary
Whether you are keen to purchase your first rotary laser level or looking to replace your existing unit, accuracy, range, durability, and self-levelling should be at the top of your consideration list when doing your research.
Many rotating laser levels come bundled with sturdy tripods, staffs, and receivers as a minimum to get you up and levelling in no time at all without unexpected additional expenses.
Choosing the right rotary laser level for the construction site may be an upfront investment, but the efficiencies of recording accurate readings to ensure the start of your surveying or site levelling are spot on are invaluable. Remember that your investment is not the price you pay today but the cost you will save over many years!

Imex Rotating Lasers Specifications

SpecificationImex E60Imex i66RImex 77RImex i88RImex i88G
Accuracy2mm @ 30m2mm @ 30m1.5mm @ 30m1.5mm @ 30m1.5mm @ 30m
Working DistanceDia 400m with DetectorDia 400m with DetectorDia 600m with DetectorDia 600m with DetectorDia 600m with Detector
Rotation Speed600rpm600rpm0,60,120,300,600 rpm0,60,120,300,600 rpm0,60,120,300,600 rpm
IP RatingIP54IP66IP66IP66IP66
Light SourceLaser Diode, 635mmRed laser diode, 635mm Class IIRed laser diode, 635mm Class IIRed laser diode, 635mm Class IIGreen laser diode, 635mm Class II
Power4 x AA Batteries9 ah 3.7v lithium-ion battery9 ah 3.7v lithium-ion battery9 ah 3.7v lithium-ion battery9 ah 3.7v lithium-ion battery
Working TimeN/A40 hours approx40 hours approx40 hours approx40 hours approx
Charging TimeN/A4 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours
USB Quick ChargeYes, including car chargerYes, including car chargerYes, including car chargerYes, including car charger
Detector ReadingFine – 1mm | Course – 5.0mmFine – 1mm | Medium – 2.0mm | Course- 5.0mmUltra-fine – 0.5mm |Fine – 1mm | Medium – 2.0mm | Course- 5.0mm | Ultra course – 10mmUltra-fine – 0.5mm |Fine – 1mm | Medium – 2.0mm | Course- 5.0mm | Ultra course – 10mmUltra-fine – 0.5mm |Fine – 1mm | Medium – 2.0mm | Course- 5.0mm | Ultra course – 10mm
Laser DetectorLRX6 Double SidedLRX6LRX6 Double SidedLRX10 Double SidedLRX10 Double Sided
Remote ControlNoNoYesYesYes
FunctionHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontal & verticalHorizontal & vertical
Scan ModeYes, 0°,10°,45°,90°,180°Yes, 0°,10°,45°,90°,180°
Slope ModeYes – Single manual grade to 50° 8.8%Yes – Single manual grade to 50° 8.8%
High Wind Sensitivity ResetNoNoYesYesYes
InclusionsLaser, Tripod, Staff, Detector with bracket, hard carry case, batteriesLaser, LR6X Detector, USB Cable, Lithium battery, Car charger, Target plate, Hard carry caseLaser, LR10X Detector, Remote control unit, USB Cable, Lithium battery, Car charger, Target plate, Hard carry caseUnit, LRX10 Detector, Remote Control, USB Cable, Lithium Battery, Car charger, Target plate, Hard carry caseUnit, LRX10 Detector, Remote Control, USB Cable, Lithium Battery, Car charger, Target plate, Hard carry case
Warranty3 Years5 Years
Calibration CertificateYesYesYesYesYes

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