The iMEX LX22G the low-cost laser level delivering high-end results

Professional line lasers have come a long way since they were the size of a brick and only affordable to the serious tradesman.

Advances in technology mean that you can pick up a reliable professional cross line laser for the same as a couple of tanks of fuel! And even within today’s petrol-hiked prices, the efficiencies and time savings these lasers can bring to a tradesman or keen DIYer can be a worthwhile investment.

With this in mind, we take a look at our entry-level Imex LX22G Cross Line Laser which comes rich in features when compared to the price and competition in its class.

Imex LX22

Advances in Green Laser Line Technology

Traditionally line lasers were renowned for having a thin laser line when close by and then the further away the line travels the wider the line gets, reducing accuracy. Using our latest laser with 21st-century technology as standard, the Imex LX22G cross line laser creates single vertical and horizontal lines that are extremely clear and sharp up to an impressive 40 metres.

This is perfect for trades such as tilers who need a high level of accuracy down to a couple of millimetres, ensuring the marks they are working to are precise.

Simple Self-Levelling Laser Level and One Button Function

The Imex LX22G cross line laser is so simple to use with self-levelling and one button function providing projection of horizontal and vertical lines instantly. Should you only wish to see a horizontal or vertical line rather than together then pressing the one button function will transition you to these settings.

Pendulum Lock for Peace of Mind

Unlike some entry-level cross line lasers, the Imex LX22G also comes with a pendulum lock which is important for the life and accuracy of the product. When activated, this stops the delicate pendulum mechanism from moving when in transit or not in use reducing the risk of damage.

Lock Mode for Fixed Angles

The pendulum lock feature can also be used when the unit is powered up to create angle lines which are perfect for working on staircases, slopes or even for tilers looking to create that perfect herringbone pattern.

Plum Spots Up and Down

Associated with higher-end models, the Imex LX22G also features plumb spots at the bottom and the top. This is particularly useful for electricians when it comes to setting out ceiling lights or spotlights.

With it being easier to mark out on the floor, you can simply line up the bottom plumb spot on the floor and you will have a perfect plum spot beamed directly onto the ceiling. A really, useful feature for an entry-level model even if we do say so ourselves!

Included Accessories

The Imex LX22G comes with an excellent magnetic rotating bracket that can also fit onto any standard tripod for additional versatility to cover a wide range of tasks. The LX22 Kit also comes with a tripod and case.

Imex LX22 Kit

Outdoor Use

Primarily used indoors, this unit is also powerful enough to use on outdoor projects up to 50m when placed into pulsating mode and paired with a laser detector.

In summary

For a tradesman or a serious DIYer looking to take a step into the world of laser levels, the Imex LX22G could be the perfect companion for all those levelling projects.

With a higher visibility beam creating a longer range and plumb spots up and down, this is an excellent versatile laser for tilers, electricians, shopfitters, plumbers, and builders.

From kitchen installations, tiling, installing wall partitions, electrical switch and light placement to interior decorating and window or door placement, the Imex LX22G is a robust and efficient entry-level cross line laser that packs the punch for a great price.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Why not watch the short comparison from our friends at Buyaparcel.

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