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Top technology in the construction space can often seem intimidating, inaccessible, and downright unaffordable. Whether you’re a self-made brickie or a subcontractor for a commercial project, the scale of your business should not affect your ability to access quality, industry-leading technology to help you achieve your job goals. iMEX Lasers is a company determined to bridge the gap between the little guys and the big dogs, offering a range of cutting-edge laser levelling solutions that have been crafted with every industry (and budget) in mind.

A brand born to serve the people

Since its inception in 2008, iMEX has forged a reputation as a brand that sets itself apart with a commitment to innovation. This isn’t just in the technological field – iMEX has been identifying and servicing gaps in the construction market from day dot. With other brands going direct to market with their lasers, the iMEX team noticed that this eradicated opportunities for smaller-scale operators to get a piece of the action. By choosing to distribute their affordable, powerful, and industry-leading range of laser levelling equipment through tool and hardware stores, iMEX lead the charge in creating an accessible option that didn’t compromise on quality.

So, why choose an iMEX laser?

There are multiple frontiers on which the iMEX brand outshines its competitors. If you are seeking a laser leveller that is long-lasting, easy to get serviced, and created with the latest technology and innovations in mind, this is the range for you.

Built to last

When investing in a piece of equipment for your business, knowing that it has been engineered to perform is something that remains top of mind for many people. The last thing you want is to get caught out on a job with a flat battery, dim light, or sub-par piece of machinery. iMEX laser levellers are created with the highest quality materials with both their hardware and software. The brand’s z boast a three-year warranty and the rotary lasers a five-year warranty, outstripping their competitors who can only guarantee one year of warranty-protected service. When you purchase an iMEX laser, you are investing in technology that has been designed to go the distance – and you are protected by a service contract to boot.

Powered differently

Another point of difference in the iMEX laser levelling product range is its power source. Each laser leveller is powered by a high-performing lithium battery pack. Boasting a long run time, this ensures that you can rely on your level to last for a whole busy day on site. For the heavy-duty jobs, the LX3DG even comes with a spare battery pack – so you will never be caught out with a flat in the middle of a task.

Freedom of choice

In the building and construction industry, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. iMEX understands that having options to suit the specific needs of your trade is crucial. A concreter and a glazier don’t use the same tools on-site, so why would they necessarily use the same laser level? The full iMEX range has been designed to cater to specific industries and intensities, with each model coming in both a red and green laser level variety. From the base model LX22 right up to the top-of-the-line LX3DG, all iMEX laser levels are exceedingly capable of providing perfect performance for the job you need.

We’ve got your back

Continuing their commitment to accessibility and quality, iMEX boasts in-house calibration and servicing for its products. If you’ve had an on-site accident and dropped your laser, we can get you back on the right track with recalibration – no starting from scratch necessary. To make the process even easier, customers can go to any Aptella service lab to get serviced and recalibrated. This means we have approved specialist laser repairers all over the country in partnership with our parent company, so you won’t be left in a tight spot jus t because of your location.

Do you live or work remotely? No worries! iMEX also offers an efficient pick-up and delivery service if your product needs to be serviced or recalibrated, so distance doesn’t get in the way of customers receiving the same level of five-star care.

Talk to the experts in laser levelling technology

If you’re ready to level up your toolkit with a laser, the team at iMEX are more than happy to help. With decades of experience in all facets of the construction industry, we are able to provide expert advice to connect you with the equipment that best suits you. Whether you are a sole trader with a modest budget or a company looking to equip your staff with the most powerful and technologically advanced laser levelling machinery on the market, the knowledgeable staff at iMEX can impart product advice based on real-world experience and results. Contact the team today to discuss your options.

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