The benefits of a line laser to interior trades: making your job easier

When it comes to completing interior trades, precision is key. But achieving this level of accuracy can be challenging and time-consuming when working with manual measuring tools like spirit levels. Fortunately, using a line laser or laser levels has become increasingly popular and this beneficial tool is now being utilised across a range of interior trades. 

For many interior trades such as glaziers a line laser would replace a spirit level and manual measuring for horizontal and vertical lines. Generally, line lasers make completing interior trades easier because they provide a guiding line which you can easily work with. This saves time and effort and ensures a professional finish. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of line lasers to interior trades and discuss how they can help plumbers, painters, wall paperers, and interior designers. 

Line lasers for plumbers 

Line lasers are especially useful for plumbers. They make pipework and pipe installation easier and faster by ensuring that pipes are level and straight based off their guiding line. When installing and aligning pipes, it is crucial to ensure that the pipes are correctly aligned to avoid leakage or damage. A line laser helps to achieve this level of precision, squaring off both time and effort. 

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Line lasers for painters 

Painters can use a line laser to make painting down a line easier and faster. For example, a line laser would make dividing paint lines on a wall or creating outlines for geometric shapes or other design flourishes a more efficient process and ensure the finished paint job is in line with client specifications. With a line laser, painters can achieve a detailed and professional finish in less time, no longer needing to rely on manual and time-consuming measuring tools. 

Line lasers for wall paperers 

Wallpaperers use line lasers to ensure that the wallpaper is straight when applied. This is especially important in old houses where the floors may not be level, which can make the walls not straight. A laser line also helps in wallpaper leveling, saving time and effort and ensuring a professional finish. Wallpapering can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with a line laser, the job becomes far easier and more efficient, with improved accuracy in your work.  

Line lasers for interior designers 

Interior designers can also use the red beam of line lasers to make decorating easier. Art and other wall additions, such as shelves, can be hung straight without the need for a spirit level. This saves the time and effort of manual levelling, and ensures a professional finish. With a line laser, interior designers can easily achieve the level of precision required for their projects. 

Get quality line lasers with iMEX 

iMEX line lasers perfectly cater to the specific needs of interior trades. They are compact, making them easy to carry around, and they come with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery, with additional batteries also available for purchase. The bracket included with the laser allows it to be attached to metal poles and frames, making it easy to set up and utilise in a range of conditions. iMEX line lasers come with a hard carry case, making them easy to transport and store when not in use. 

iMEX also offers a range of accessories like tripods to help you achieve the desired accurate results. Moreover, iMEX line lasers have pre-check calibrations to ensure their accuracy before reaching customers. With local service centres offering repairs and calibrations, your laser level will continue to perform reliably for several years when regularly serviced.  

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