The line and dot laser level striking the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability

Imex Lx25gp Line and Dot Laser

In commercial trades, having an efficient, reliable, and powerful line and dot laser level is crucial. It’s the unsung hero of the job site, providing precise measurements when there’s no room for error. Considering how many times a typical tradie would reach for this piece of equipment, it pays to invest in something that is going to go the distance – but you don’t have to break the bank in the process. Imex has launched the LX25P model II, a newly reimagined version of the classic line and dot laser level, which has given commercial tradespeople all over Australia an opportunity to step up their toolkit without having to take out a small loan to do so. Let’s explore some of the specs and features of this new kid on the site.

Tools of the trade

When purchasing a line and dot laser level, it is obviously important to take your specific trade into account. Imex has crafted a range of laser levels that are tailored to specific trades and tasks, and the LX25P is no exception. Commercial builders, carpenters, and plumbers will find a lot to love about this model, as it provides extra features and power compared to the LX22 . The LX25P is a step up in capacity without a commensurate price hike, boasting capabilities that are ideal for set-out shopfront glazing, wall partitions, electrical switch and light placement, air conditioning and fire sprinkler placement, tiling, dry-walling, cabinet installation, steel fabrication set-up, interior decorating, decking and patio set-out, and foundation set-out.


Tech specs

Let’s dive into the good stuff – what are the technical aspects of the LX25GP? This particular model is fitted with a Class Two laser capable of beaming one vertical and one horizontal line. The dots go the distance with this one – plumbed dots can be projected to a distance of 50 metres, while solid lines still get a very reasonable 10-metre projection. Even with all dots and lines being beamed simultaneously, the leveller can run for eight hours. Considering its power, this is a seriously impressive run time that will last you a solid day on-site. As an added bonus, all iMEX laser levellers are calibrated in-house and come with a three-year warranty as a default. The business has a comprehensive recalibration and repairs offering to give you peace of mind, which you can read more about here .

Light ‘em up

Each machine in the Imex line and dot laser level range comes in both a red and a green light version. This isn’t a traffic signal thing, folks – there is a science and method behind the two options. Red laser lights are an effective, industry-standard option and the default colour for a laser level. Green lights are basically a step up, as they can be seen at a level that is four times more powerful to the human eye. Depending on the specific trade you work in, both colours have their place. There is a price difference between the two that reflects the varying levels of power – a red laser LX25P will set you back $459, while its green counterpart clocks in at $579.

Take your toolkit to the next level

If you’re a tradie working on primarily commercial jobs and need a premium line and dot laser level for your jobs, the team at iMEX are here to help. The LX25P is just one of the brand’s excellent options, so you can discuss your specific needs with a team of industry experts to make sure that you’re getting the best product to suit. If you have questions about laser levels in general or you just aren’t sure which model will provide you with the most bang for your buck, touch base with the Imex crew today for tailored advice and solutions.

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