The budget-friendly cross line laser level for your residential construction tasks

The Best crossline laser for all trades


LX22G Crossline Laser level

Precision without the price tag

When it comes to investing in the best, especially as a tradesperson, there is an automatic assumption that the cost is equal to the quality. One brand is shaking things up in the laser level space, creating options for tradies who need reliable equipment but don’t have the backing of a big company to pay for it. Imex Lasers has just launched the LX22 Series II, an ideal all-rounder cross line laser level for those seeking an affordable, reliable option that still boasts all the features of a top-of-the-line model. Let’s take a look at why the LX22 might be the perfect model for you.

An ideal introduction

The iMEX LX22 has been specially designed to cater to those who need a high-powered laser level to use in more residential spaces. The size and output of this model are suitable for a wide range of interior operations to be performed by qualified tradespeople such as carpenters, glaziers, tilers, bricklayers, concreters, plumbers and more. Due to its more compact nature, the LX22 is a fantastic option for those undertaking construction works of a modest scope on smaller projects that still require precision – think cabinet installation, window and door placement, fencing, and steel fabrication alignment for a handful of examples.

Let’s get technical

The LX22 is fitted with a Class Two laser capable of reaching a 10-metre distance depending on the light in the space. It can project one vertical and one horizontal line at a time and can also plumb dots up and down. When operating both beams, the leveller boasts a 10-hour run time ideal for long days on site. For added peace of mind and convenience, each leveller is locally calibrated and protected by a three-year warranty – something competitors simply can’t match. You can also read more about our recalibration and repairs offering here [link to General intro blog].

All the good stuff

It wouldn’t be an upgrade without some seriously slick new features, and the Imex team has truly delivered to create a new model of cross line laser level that blows its rivals at a similar price point right out of the water. The Series II has been fitted with a sturdy magnetic bracket that enables quick release of the laser without screws, plus all-new rubberised housing for a comfortable, non-slip grip. All LX22 models come with an AA battery pack as a standard feature, but the LX22 Series II boasts a new optional 5.2Ah lithium battery pack with an extended run time.

Red light, green light

As with the rest of Imex’s laser level range, the LX22 cross line laser model comes with the option of either a red or a green laser light. So, what’s the difference? Red laser lights are the industry standard, and what most people would commonly associate with a laser. Green laser lights are particularly sought after – and thus more expensive – as the green beam boasts four times the visibility of the red. The LX22 red laser edition is the cheapest of the range, clocking in at a very affordable $280, while the green beam version is still a very reasonable $349.

Let’s hook you up

Convinced that you now need an Imex LX22  to take your toolkit to the next level? The team at Imex are always more than happy to discuss their excellent range of laser levels for sale. Armed with decades of construction industry experience, the crew at Imex can ascertain the best model and piece of equipment for a customer’s specific situation. If you’re not sure what laser beam colour or model would be ideal for your trade or the scale that you are working at, get in contact with iMEX today for solutions and advice.


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