The Perfect Laser Level For Concrete Applications

The I series: built for concreters

When it comes to laser levels, it can be difficult to secure the perfect match for your needs. Some are cheap and will cause you headaches from inaccurate measurements and shoddy manufacturing that won’t last the distance, others are eye-wateringly expensive! All boast many features that it can be hard to decipher how to get the best value out of the options available.  Concreters in particular require even and levelled finished work, because clients will certainly notice uneven surfaces.

That’s where the i88R rotating laser comes in, providing superior quality and consistency for  accurately completing concreting tasks. So no matter what your project, using the i88R for laser concrete levelling means you’re choosing a z built with concreters in mind. We’ll walk you through a few of the advantages you gain when choosing this laser.

Concrete laser levelling made easy

From house slabs, to carparks, to polished concrete floors and all other concreting tasks, the i88R rotating laser can do it all.  With self-levelling to ensure you can’t shoot measurements if the unit isn’t level, the i88R also has manual dual-grade functionality so that you can perfectly level the driveway, slab or carpark to design.

Your clients will immediately notice how exact their concreting results are, and you can rest assured that this on-site companion has your back. With this quick and easy tool that requires minimal setup, the process of concrete levelling becomes far less complicated. Know that your results will be perfect every time with the i88R laser level for concreters..

Perfect concrete finish every time

Laser levels for concreting require some durability and reliability features to ensure you get the job done right. The i88R is packed with everything you need, including the ability to automatically stop working if the laser gets bumped out of level so you’re always levelling with precision. On windy and exposes sites, you can utilise a handy wind sensitivity feature so that the unit keeps working in windy weather.

With a huge 600-metre working range, the i88R has you covered on even the biggest job sites, and the ability to slow down or speed up the rotation speed or mask the beam so that you don’t get interference from other laser levels on site as you’re laser levelling concrete. For true one-tradie operation, the i88R comes with a high accuracy, German-made laser detector and a remote control to change settings on the laser up to 20 metres away.

Accurate to 1.5mm at a distance of 30 metres, the i88R sets the standard for performance and precision for your concrete laser levelling tasks.

rotating laser level I88G

Concreting laser level that’s built to last

iMEX laser tools are made accurate for life. The i88R concreting laser level comes with industry-leading five year warranty to give you peace of mind that the tool will go the distance and perform to your high accuracy standards day-in, day-out.

Concreting laser levels need to be hardy to stand up to tough weather and tough job sites. The i88R offers class-leading IP66 protection, which means it’s waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and tradie proof. And with a fully enclosed laser diode for years of accuracy.

Plus, all iMEX lasers are locally calibrated after they arrive from the factory, ensuring they are fit for purpose and ready to give you high accuracy results from day one. And with local service and repair centres throughout Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, you can be confident that your iMEX laser can be kept in perfect working condition year after year. Because at iMEX, we do accurate for life.

I’m a concreter, I’m exact, I choose iMEX

iMEX laser tools are specifically designed to suit a range of real-world construction applications. The versatile, high performance Series tools will have you covered for every task, from concrete pours to general building and alignment jobs.  Whilst we’ve discussed the use of the i88R rotating laser level specifically for concreting, this laser can be used for practically all construction tasks.

So if you’ve been searching for an outstanding laser level for concreters, the i88R is your match made in heaven. No matter how complex or challenging the project, choosing the i88R means choosing a precise, reliable tool that won’t let you down for all your concrete laser levelling.

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