Trends in construction industry for 2022

Construction trends2022

I see a few trends for 2022 that will continue to assist the construction industry; one of the big ones is the re-set from inner city based apartments to stand alone dwellings, typically with room for a home office, multiple living areas and some more outdoors space.

This has increased renovation construction, knock-down and rebuilds in the capital cities and a shift to regional areas, especially now that work from home in some shape or form will continue post-COVID.

As the renown demographer Bernard Salt says; “Generational shifts mean for example that millennials will enter “family formation”. That is, they’ll move to an area where they can buy a bigger house and will increase demand for goods and services.”

The big increase in renovations typically involves all trades including plumbers, carpenters, electricians, tilers, kitchen and bathroom cabinet fitters, AC fitters and glaziers as well as all the external trades.

The need or opportunity for an increase in the use and purchase of line and dot lasers in this space is enormous and with the whole new range of Imex line lasers for every trade 2022 could well be a record year for laser purchases.

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