In-depth Product Reviews & Testimonials

To Imex,
My name is James, I recently purchased the LX22G.

I work for myself as a subcontractor Carpenter in the Southern Highlands NSW.

I use this laser level a lot mainly for interior carpentry work and small concrete slab formwork, it has really made jobs easier with this product with the green beam being a lot easier to see in daylight than the red! And to cap it off a very competitive price to buy, I will definitely be recommending Imex to anybody that is looking for any type of laser equipment

Cheers, James

Dear Harry thanks for recommending laser LX 55 MODEL that projects 360° line horizontally and two cross lines vertically it has been great tool in my trading as professional Stone Mason and Tiler. After approaching many shops and dealers out there wasn’t anything good and suitable for my trade.

By saying all this It meant in that price range. For example Bosch product that projects 1 x 360° vertical and 360° line horizontally it was almost double the price with very primitive packaging. IMEX had very elegant design and comes with good protecting transportation case.

By purchasing LX55 I was able to do high precision tiling job with. 8 of mm all around walls. From job to job I travel with full confidence! I can deliver what clients expected from me And I bought small digital measuring device Bullseye 50 then 8m tape measure. And two levels 1800 and 600 all this products looks good and professional. Most important is the tools look differently than everyday DIY products.

It was great pleasure dealing with you I will be recommending your products to my friends.

For a long time I have been interested in the application of laser and digital measurement in both building and landscaping applications and after much consideration I eventually settled on the IMEX brand, which not only presented a great product but also represented excellent value for money.

After purchasing my first item, the 88G Rotating Green Laser kit, it soon became very obvious to me that my decision to go with the IMEX brand was clearly the right one. I have so much confidence in the product that soon after purchasing the 88G kit, I also invested in the LX33D Three-line Laser kit, which was followed up by the DWL130 Clip-on level and only recently I extended my toolbox with the inclusion of the Cut and Fill Rod that will soon be put to work.

We use an 88R vertically on multi stories, fantastic. A four man operation now becomes a one man operation.

"just purchased an imex LX3DG. and its absolutely awesome. so much better than the lasers I've used in the past!"

A. Adamic Tiling

"Great staff, great products. we've been using imex levels for some time now and won't be going back to anything else!"

R. Hood Perr