iMEX LX25P Line and Dot Laser Red Beam Series II

iMEX LX25P Line and Dot Laser Red Beam Series II

imex line and dot laser lx25p

Now with all-new quick release magnetic bracket to secure the laser without screws, the Series II LX25P is a versatile option for a wide range of interior alignment tasks. The Series II features a 5.2Ah lithium battery platform, compatible across all LX Series II models, with long run times to keep up with your busy day on site. Rugged and construction tough, the LX25P is ideal for horizontal and vertical measurements, with plumb up and down as well as two horizontal dots to square up door frames, windows and more.

  • NEW quick release magnetic bracket – no screws to hold laser in place
  • NEW 5.2Ah lithium battery pack – swaps to all LX series II models.
  • NEW rugged housing with non-slip rubberised moulding
  • Economical red beam laser levelling’
  • Plumb up, plumb down and 2 horizontal dots
  • 1 horizontal, 1 vertical line
  • Pulse mode for detector
  • Self levelling

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About the iMEX LX25P Line and Dot Laser Red Beam Series II

The new generation Imex LX25P with class-leading iMEX Laser-edge technology high definition line and dots makes this the ultimate dual purpose laser for all interior work. Combines with a magnetic bracket that also suits a number of tripod options. Also comes with an optional line detector for outdoor use to 50m. The LX25P is one of the most robust multi-purpose lasers available.
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