iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser Level Green Beam Series II

iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser Level Green Beam Series II

imex lx3dg multiline laser

The iMEX LX3DG is a multiline laser level with everything. Now with PreciseALIGN™ fine adjustment to get that perfect 90-degree set out.  With three, 360 degree lines and an offset to ensure uninterrupted laser lines, this versatile green beam laser is the ultimate for all interior alignment tasks. Series II features an all-new quick release lithium battery platform, compatible across all Series II LX models, plus new rubberised housing for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

  • NEW PreciseAlign™ fine adjustment to pivot laser
  • NEW 5.2Ah lithium battery pack – swaps to all LX series II models.
  • NEW rugged housing with non-slip rubberised moulding
  • 360 degree horizontal and vertical laser lines
  • Ultra visible green beam technology
  • Pulse mode to work with laser detector
  • 360 degree turntable and magnetic bracket
  • Self levelling

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About the iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser Level Green Beam Series II

The ultimate in multiline laser levelling, the iMEX LX3DG has full 360° uninterrupted lines and a unique preciseALIGN™ fine adjustment which pivots from the datum point for the optimum levelling experience. Powered with a lithium platform, the kit includes a spare battery for maximum efficiency.
iMEX LX3DG 3×360 hyper Bright Green Beam line laser, self-levelling but also has a lock out function for more architectural applications the laser is powered by a USB Charged 8 Amp Li-on Battery for long run times with an alkaline kit for back up, calibration certificate standard and re calibratable. This unit is great for any indoor set outs, fix out, Plastering, office fit outs and small outdoor set outs and levels.
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iMEX LX3DG Series II

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