iMEX MR360 Machine Control Receiver

iMEX MR360 Machine Control Receiver

The optimum in time saving for all grader, dozer, bobcat or scraper operations. Full 360˚ reception and in-cab display for easy construction and site preparation.

  • 360° reception range
  • In-cab display with 8m of cable
  • Large 250mm pick-up board
  • Comes with either magnetic mounting or clamp connection
  • Fits all machines and detects all red beam lasers

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About the iMEX MR360 Machine Control Receiver

The IMEX MR360 Machine Control Receiver is a cutting-edge construction and surveying tool designed to revolutionize your job site’s precision and efficiency. With a range of advanced capabilities and features, the MR360 is the perfect companion for heavy equipment operators, surveyors, and construction professionals seeking unparalleled accuracy and productivity.
Key Features and Capabilities:
  • Precision Grade Control: The IMEX MR360 sets a new standard for precision with its ability to receive signals from multiple GNSS constellations, such as GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou. This ensures consistent, high-precision grade control for your heavy machinery, enabling you to achieve accurate results every time.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The receiver’s compact and rugged design allows for easy mounting on various heavy equipment, including dozers, graders, excavators, and more. It’s built to withstand the harshest working conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.
  • Multiple Machine Compatibility: The MR360 is compatible with a wide range of machine control systems, making it a versatile choice for operators using different heavy machinery. Its adaptability ensures that you can maximize its use across your equipment fleet including excavator, graders and more.
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