iMEX helps you be better at what you do. Our laser levels and tools suit any trade and any job, no matter what your trade is we have a wide range of tools to assist you and help you save time and money.

I Choose iMEXWhat Customers say about iMEX

“My new IMEX Lazer is a game changer. I am now working solo and this bad boy made it possible to build this roof frame perfectly in only 5 hours . The green lazer is so accurate and easy to see day or night. I wear the IMEX badge proud”
Daniel Sonsie
Sonsie Carpentry
“We’ve been using the older model LX3DG for setting out houses, fantastic tool, but the new LX3DG has the edge without a doubt, the option of beam brightness and the fine adjustment are significant features. Gone is the extra time spent with manual adjustments to establish profile marks. Game changer.
Stuart John
Coachwood Homes
“Enjoying the new laser that gives more confidence with the new projects! Fantastic quality and handy feature’s, this is now my second Imex Laser. Always keeping a level head with Imex Lasers”
Samuel Chun-Linn
Linn Industries