100m 8 Braid Lime Stringline

100m 8 Braid Lime Stringline

Imex 100m professional Stringlines are the #1 choice for Bricklayers, Landscapers & Ground Workers across the UK and Europe. High visibility Green, Yellow & Pink, 8 strand nylon lines on a handy reel.

  • High visibility fluorescent Green, Yellow or Pink.
  • 8 strand braided nylon
  • Handy reel for winding / unwinding
  • 100 m Stringlines 8 strand braided nylon stringlines.
  • Comes on a plastic reel for easy use and storage.

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About the 100m 8 Braid Lime Stringline

Stringlines are one of the oldest and most basic of hand tools, and it is commonly used in masonry and carpentry and landscaping to help the user create a straight line between two reference points. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and a string allows the user to mark the shortest distance, which helps to avoid sags or tilts in a structure.
  • 100m Stringlines 8 strand braided nylon
  • Bonded and braided for greater durability
  • Not affected by extreme moisture, dryness or mildew. Abrasion and Alkali-Resistant
  • Hi-vis fluorescent nylon brick line stands out and is easy to find on-site or in your toolbox.
  • Ideal for Staking out sites before concreting, landscaping or laying bricks and blocks.
  • Comes on a plastic reel for easy use and storage.
  •  Ideal for outdoor use as it will not be affected by mortar, oil, or mildew, and will not absorb water.
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