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iMEX Lasers for Tilers

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in your tiling endeavors with our exceptional tiling laser levels. For the utmost precision, consider the iMEX Series II LX3DG multiline laser level. Featuring the innovative PreciseAlign™ fine adjustment, this advanced tool allows you to effortlessly pivot the laser beam by up to 10 degrees while maintaining the datum point’s position, ensuring impeccable leveling and precise 90-degree set out on any task.

Our tiling laser levels are equipped with ultra-visible green beams that project 1 horizontal and 2 vertical 360-degree lines, making them the ideal choice for tiling projects that demand exceptional precision.

At iMEX, we understand the importance of top-quality tools for your tiling needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of lasers specifically designed for tiling, including the highly efficient LX11GP Tiling laser. By utilizing our cutting-edge laser technology, you’ll enhance your accuracy and productivity, setting new standards for your next tiling project. Choose iMEX for the ultimate tiling experience.

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Imex Lasers For Tilers

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