iMEX 350mm Digital Angle Gauge

iMEX 350mm Digital Angle Gauge

Manufactured in Germany, these precision angle gauges are the professional instrument for all interior or exterior angles, roof pitches, staircase and balustrades, shower and window angles and steel fabrication angles.
German Manufacture. Large LCD Display

  • German Manufacture. Large LCD Display.
  • Measures 0-185°. Horizontal and vertical vials.
  • 1.9V battery. Protected On/Off switch.
  • Accurate to 0 +/- 0.05° Digital readout
  • 2-year warranty

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About the iMEX 350mm Digital Angle Gauge

The iMEX digital angle gauge series offers the latest digital levelling technology for ultimate precision levelling. Built to the highest German manufacturing specification from steel for heavy-duty everyday levelling. Combined with conventional fluorescent levelling bubbles, the Imex range of digital angle gauges can also be used as a standard spirit level if necessary. These gauges have been specifically designed to offer high quality and accurate readouts. This product is the perfect instrument for fabricators, roof pitches, balustrades and many more construction/fit-out applications. These Imex Digital Angle Gauge protractors can be used in any plane and will help find precise angles with ease. Excellent for setting up a saw, calculating the correct angle for a bend, or measuring an existing part.
  • Precision angle finder — measures the exact angle of the existing surface within 0.1″.
  • Simple mitre cut calculator — calculates the exact mitre angle needed for perfect fit of baseboard, picture frames and more
  • Compound cut calculator — calculates the exact mitre and bevel angles needed for a perfect fit of crown mouldings and more
  • Versatile memory — stores an angle measurement (such as crown moulding spring angle) for repeated use.
  • Protractor — positions workpiece or intended cut line at exactly the desired
  • Level — built-in vertical and horizontal spirit levels, accurate to 0 +/- 0.05° Digital readout displays on the front for easy viewing
  • Limited 2-year warranty
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