Laser Levels for Glaziers

One of the more difficult tasks for Glaziers is the fitment of shop fronts and larger glass door openings. Ensuring the fit is square, plumb and true in all planes in both vertical and horizontal so the doors function correctly is not an easy task, especially if they are swinging glass doors.

The iMEX LX25P red beam and iMEX LX25GP in green beam are excellent lasers that combine two horizontal dot points as well as vertical up and down plumb dots, to help ensure that doorways are perfectly aligned in all directions.

laser level for glaziers

This iMEX line/dot laser is one of the very few laser levels that has a unique widescreen function, whereby the line and dots bisect; which adds to the accuracy of the glazier and eliminates room for error.

These iMEX lasers also have strong magnetic brackets that can be used on metal framing. The bracket also has a magnetic quick release for fast relocation and can be used in conjunction with a laser pole or tripod.

laser level for glaziers

Unlike many standard line/dot lasers which use alkaline batteries for their power source the whole iMEX line laser range is powered by long charge lithium batteries with a quick recharge which gives exceptional operational time.

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