Welcome to the big leagues – the multiline laser changing the game in construction

iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser

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The jack (and master) of all trades

Precision and power are two things that are crucial in the construction industry. When the stability and success of a structure hangs in the balance, you want to make sure everything you do is as accurate as possible. Having a level that you can rely on is an absolute must, which is where iMEX Lasers comes in. The iMEX LX3DG multiline laser is the ultimate companion on any site, boasting features, exactness, and control that its nearest competitors simply can’t compete with. Read on to find out more about this miracle machine.

All-around success

There are very few pieces of equipment that can claim to be useful across almost every trade. Every specific industry has its niches, but a powerful multiline laser is a must-have on any industrial or commercial site. The iMEX LX3DG is the ultimate laser level for any trade you can think of, from cabinetry and tiling to general building and plumbing. Thanks to its hyper-bright lines, long battery life, and special outdoor mode, this model is the gold standard for laser levels in Australia.

The nuts and bolts

Let’s talk tech! The latest model iMEX LX3DG has been packed with innovative, top-of-the-line technology to make even the most challenging levelling jobs a piece of cake. The LX3DG is equipped with a Class Two laser capable of reaching a 30-metre distance depending on the light in the space and can reach up to a whopping 80 metres with the aid of a detector. It can project one horizontal and two vertical beams, all with a 360-degree scope. The battery life of this leveller is also something to behold, boasting 8 hours run time for a single beam and 5 hours for all beams simultaneously. It also comes with a spare battery, so one can be on charge while the other is in the unit. Every leveller that iMEX sells is also locally calibrated and protected by a three-year warranty – something that other brands can’t offer. iMEX also has an in-house repairs and recalibration service that you can learn more about here.

Special features

When we say this machine is a five-star piece of levelling equipment, it’s not just for show. The LX3DG multiline laser is overflowing with special features that put it head and shoulders above anything else in its class on the market. First of all, the Series II has been upgraded to include PreciseALIGN™ fine adjustment to get that perfect 90-degree set out. The three beams that can be projected are aided by a world-class offset, so that all lines can run uninterrupted and concurrently. This latest Series II model has also been kitted out with a brand-new quick-release lithium battery platform, compatible across all other Series II LX models, as well as new rubberised housing for a comfortable, non-slip hold.

Red or green?

Part of the iMEX business model is providing clients with options to suit their trade, budget, and personal preferences. This is why each of its laser levels comes with the option of a red or green beam – but what’s the difference? Like the ones you see in movies or potentially beamed up on walls to entertain cats, red lasers are something of an industry standard. They are fully capable of marking spots for levelling, but there is a superior choice available. Green laser beams give the advantage of highly increased visibility, as human eyes are able to perceive them a whopping four times stronger. This is an advantage in environments with tricky, flickering, unreliable, or ever-changing lighting.

Time to go the distance

Keen to take advantage of the finest laser levelling technology and innovations on the market? The team at iMEX can hook you up. Having a staff of construction industry experts on deck means that you will always get the best advice to suit your situation and role, as well as five-star service for the (long) life of your product. iMEX also stocks a wide range of other lasers and levelling equipment, so if you’re not sure what would work best for your particular job, circumstances or trade, get in touch today.

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