Imex EL120 1200mm Digital Level

Imex EL120 1200mm Digital Level

The all new EL120 Imex Storm Professional Digital Levels have been developed from the ground up for excellent accuracy. Built with advanced electronics for accurate measuring every time and combined with a robust aluminium section.

  • 0.5mm/m accuracy
  • 1200mm
  • 180° Readout-readable when level is inverted
  • Hold function to transfer measurements
  • Large backlit LCD
  • Measure in ° or % or m/mm
  • 9 measurement recall
  • Buzzer at 0°, 45°, and 90°
  • Milled edges + magnets
  • Padded canvas bag

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About the Imex EL120 1200mm Digital Level

The Imex EL120 Digital Level is a versatile and robust level that contains a horizontal, vertical and digital vial with a buzzer sound alert at 0°, 45° and 90°. The backlit LCD screen features a 360° readout display that flips to an upside-down position for easier reading. Measure in degrees, percentage and mm/m. Supplied with a water-resistant, padded bag.
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Komitmen Kami

Imex; brand laser terdepan dan terpercaya untuk kebutuhan alat survey, dengan komitmen untuk memberikan keseluruhan produk berkualitas terbaik, inovatif. Produk Imex telah melalui serangkaian pengujian produk oleh tim kami professional kami. Dapatkan seluruh rangkaiaan produk laser level, digital level iMex dengan jaminan hasil pengukuran yang akurat & produk yang dapat digunakan untuk semua jenis kondisi. 

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